Slow Pot parties
Outside Catering

Slow Pot Parties have built a fantastic reputation Outside Catering in Lancaster and Morecambe over the last 3 years with some Facebook comments we are very proud of. All Slow Pot Parties outside Catering Dishes are cooked by professionally trained Chefs in one of our fully licenced and regulated kitchens. We slowly braise, Smoke or Roast each dish for a minimum of 4 hours before delivering to your chosen venue in stylish slow cooker pots served with dressed tables and Modern accompaniments.

For upcoming events we have bookings in place running into late 2017, it is advisable to speak to us as soon as possible with any questions regarding availability, only a small deposit is required to secure your date with Slow Pot Parties.


£6 per head (minimum 25 people)

Classic Lancashire Hotpot
Minced Lamb & smoked bacon
Chicken & Tarragon
Minted Lamb shoulder
Tuscan Lamb Rustic Pot
Black pudding & kidney
Minted root vegetable (Vegetarian)

All Hotpots served with pickled beets, red cabbage and rustic artisan bread.


£5 per head (minimum 25 people)

Corned Beef Hash
Minced Beef and Onions
Steak and Kidney
Beef in Ale and Dumplings
Pulled pork and apple
Cumberland sausage casserole
Seasonal veg ratatouille (Vegetarian)

Winter warmers are served with handmade bread and red onion marmalade.


£8.50 per head (minimum 25 people)

Tikka Masala (mild)
Korma (Mild)
Dhansak (Medium)
Balti (Med – Hot)
Madras (Hot)
Vindaloo (Very hot)
Vegetarian options of any Curry on request

Curries served with Poppadum, pickle tray, mint riata and Indian breads.


£6 per head (minimum 25 people)

Classic Pasta Bolognese
Meatball Provencal
Smoked bacon Carbonara
Roast tomato & Pepperoni
Grilled chicken Fusilli
Beef and Carrot Ragu
Penne Arrabiata (Vegetarian)

Italian dishes served with Garlic and herb bread ribbons and Mozzarella cheese.

Slow Pot Parties FAMOUS CHILLI

£6 per head (minimum 25 people)

Chilli con Carne
Smoked Brisket
Chicken and Cherry Tomato
Turkey and Bean
Black Bean and Chorizo
Chunky bean & Pulled pork

Chilli dishes are served with tortilla chips, guacamole, sour cream & Slow Pot Salsa.

Dishes are served in 10 Litre electric kettles allowing self-service and feeding approximately 25 people. Food is delivered 30 minutes prior to your event and can stand heated for no more than 3 hours. 7 day prior booking is strongly recommended although we will always try to endeavour.